Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

This iconic landmark of Bhutan is no stranger to the world! In fact, a trip to Bhutan is said to be incomplete without a visit to this majestic temple perched atop the cliffside some 2,600 feet above. Seeing this spectacular monastery with your own eyes will make you wonder how was this architectural feat accomplished in the 16th century! The trek up and down Tiger’s Nest can take anywhere between 3.5 hours to 9 hours depending on your fitness.

It is advisable to start your trek early to avoid the afternoon heat. Remember to pack light and wear comfortable shoes for a smooth trekking experience. And of course, enjoy the gorgeous views along the way and take plenty of photos to preserve your memories! Throughout the climb, you will see many locals of all ages including toddler as young as 2 years old making their way up the Tiger’s Nest. Parents carrying their infants on the back or elderly on walking sticks are also a common sight. They will definitely serve as a motivation for you to trek your way up to the peak!