Driving in Bhutan

The main mode of transportation in Bhutan is motor vehicles. With all 20 Dzongkhags connected by a wide network of roads that stretch from narrow valleys to high mountain passes to flat southern foothills, it is a unique experience driving through Bhutan. Being a mountainous country, flat and straight roads are a rarity. It is common to encounter on average 5-6 turns in one Kilometre. The speed limit is 50 Km/hr. Shown below is the approximate distance and duration of travel while driving in Bhutan.

Paro Thimphu 65 kms 1 hours 10 minutes
Paro Haa 70 kms 2 hours 30 minutes
Thimphu Punakha 77 kms 03 hours
Punakha Wangduephodrang 15 kms 45 minutes
Punakha Gangtey 78 kms 03 Hours
Gangtey Trongsa 120 kms 05 Hours
Punakha Trongsa 142 kms 06 Hours
Trongsa Bumthang 65 kms 02 Hours
Bumthang Mongar 190 kms 08 Hours
Mongar Trashigang 91 kms 04 Hours
Mongar Lhuntse 75 kms 03 Hours
Trashigang Trashi Yangtse 55 kms 02 Hours
Trashigang Samdrup Jongkhar 180 kms 07 Hours
Phuntsholing Thimphu 172 kms 05 Hours 30 minutes
Phuntsholing Thimphu 165 kms 05 Hours
Bagdogra airport (India) Phuntsholing 170 kms 04 hours 30 minutes
Siliguri (India) Phuntsholing 155 kms 04 hours
Guwahati (India) Samdrup Jongkhar 111 kms 03 hours


Traffic Signs

There are 3 types of road traffic signs in Bhutan; they are Mandatory signs, Cautionary signs, and then informative signs.


Mandatory signs

These signs are circular in shape with a white background, red borders, black legends and red bars. Failure to observe and obey these signs usually result in a fine.

No Entry
Penalty: NU 750.00

Speed Limit
Penalty: NU 1750.00

One Way
Penalty: NU 750.00

No Standing
Penalty: NU 550.00

No Parking
Penalty: NU 550.00

No Mobile Phone
Penalty: NU 1000.00


Cautionary signs

These are Triangular in shape with a white background and are meant to alert the driver of potential hazards that they may encounter on the road.

Pedestrian crossing

School Ahead

Man at Work

Falling Rocks

Slippery Area

Steep Ascent


Information signs

These are guide signs providing information on directions, services, facilities etc. They are rectangular in shape with blue borders and a white background.

Fuel Station