Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma also known as Buddha Point is definitely an attraction in Bhutan. This sitting Buddha statue measuring 51.m in height is one of the largest sitting Buddha statues in the world. The Buddha Dordenma statue is made of solid bronze and gilded with gold paint, including all of the 125,000 smaller Buddha statues that have been placed within the large statue; 100,000 statues of which are 8-inches-tall and 25,000 statues of which are 12 inches tall. Visitors can enter into a majestic meditation hall with beautifully carved pillars painted in gold, and a gold statue of the four-faced Buddha. While walls are elegantly painted with murals of Buddhism. This picturesque place will definitely have a spot on your IG feed. From Buddha Point, you can also have an overview of the Thimphu city.